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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Survey

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Survey ›

Take time to fill out this survey! Every little bit & input counts.

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) exists to serve people with RA. Although there have been numerous organizations existing over the years for other rheumatological conditions (such as Sjogren’s syndrome or Fibromyalgia syndrome) and other autoimmune arthritis-type diseases (such as Lupus or Ankylosing Spondylitis), the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation is the first and the only non-profit organization just for RA patients.

This survey is a first step at beginning to quantify valuable information contributed by Rheumatoid Arthritis patients via RA blogs like this one, and via social media such as our Facebook page and Twitter rheum community. With our first survey of RA patients, we can begin to identify our similarities and greatest needs. This first survey is simple and will only take you about 10 minutes, but it will be invaluable to our new organization.

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