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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Link Roundup 07/06/11

  1. Reach Beyond RAThe UCB RA Scholarship Program recognizes and rewards exceptional students who take control of their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and do not allow it to control them.
  2. Invisible ProjectThe INvisible Project highlights the day-to-day experiences of pain survivors through photographs […] photographers will capture the struggles and triumphs of these brave pain survivors. […] the goal of this project is to create pain awareness, empower survivors and generate change.
  3. Forgetting the Pill-- Site with any kind of cute/silver/adorable/unique/plastic pill box you could possibly think of. Forgetting the Pill also sells timers, pill splitters, pill crushers, and more. Definitely will be investing in a small silver box for my purse.
  4. The Spoon Theory— Most of you will be familiar with this link, but some of my friends following this definitely are not (if you know me or someone else with chronic illness: read this). So, if you’re reading this or if you’ve heard me say something along the lines of “I’m out of spoons,” this is what I’m referencing. While I don’t support all of the Spoon Theory or the twinge of negativity it holds (in my opinion), it definitely helpful in explaining my energy level and restrictions.

Blog of the week: Miss Ginger Lee— full of snark, sarcasm and wit, I’ve been following this lovely woman for a while now. She battles chronic illness with a unique perspective and humor that I’ve yet to see anywhere else. :)

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