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Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Link Roundup 08/14/2011


An Endometriosis/Pelvic Pain-related roundup this week!
  1. Uncommon Manifestations: Sciatic and Thoracic Endometriosis— an article on Endosupp about the lack of awareness of these rare endo forms, their history, treatment, and clinical signs and symptoms. If you have endometriosis in your family, suspect you have endometriosis, or have a doctor who refuses to listen to specific symptoms pointing to SE or TE, please please please seek out a second opinion. As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes the physician must be educated as well. Doctors can learn a lot from an informed patient. Be your own advocate.
  2. Endometriosis Support Forum on HysterSistersHysterSisters is a site dedicated to women suffering from gynecological conditions and recovering from surgery, specifically hysterectomies. This Endometriosis Support forum includes over 101 pages of threads
  3. EndoCenter— Endocenter is an organization that “addresses the ever-growing need for Endometriosis research, education, awareness and support on a global basis.” A great resource and database for latest endo news. Endocenter lists multiple contacts and websites for both online and in-person support groups, as well as volunteer and awareness opportunities. You can also request EC materials from the organization as well. Better yet, their headquarters is here in south FL :) 
  4. TalkAboutEndo— A tumblr very similar in concept to Chronic Curve, only dedicated specifically to Endometriosis awareness. Straight, simple, and to the point— Talk About Endo provides endo facts, news, research, an honest place to discuss this painful disease, and most importantly, hope.

A question for my followers: Do any of you know of any resources that discuss and provide support to women trying to maintain intimacy in a relationship while suffering from pelvic pain? A painful sex support network, if you will. If anyone knows of any valuable resources, please send them to me— thanks!

Blog of the Week: Serif & Sans— Run by the lovely Miss Stephanie Sharp, an aspiring journalist with strong opinions and a unique perspective on contemporary issues. Her writing is both tasteful and profound with a unique eloquence in her words, touching on everything from Disney princesses to politics. Miss Sharp’s blog is a must-read.

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