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Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Write Or Not To Write

A bit of an update:

I saw my rheumatologist on Monday to discuss the results of recent blood work. Results were no good. Although my liver function is still slightly abnormal, there has been no change and that is good. My SED rate and CRP levels, however, were extremely elevated compared to my last round of blood work just a few weeks ago. I have limited range of motion in my shoulders now— and the RA has started affecting my neck. The amount of increasing inflammation and damage combined with how horribly ill the methotrexate made me was enough for my doctor to say no more! No more methotrexate or MTX-induced migraines! I am now on Arava (leflunomide), another DMARD with (hopefully) less intense side effects. Also increased my Plaquenil even more and starting Trazodone on Monday in hopes of regulating my sleep cycle and sleeping through the pain during normal hours.

I got the go-ahead for surgery, which I’ll have on August 12th.

Although most of this was productive, it is still difficult to hear that I’m getting worse. It is also difficult to go through four hours of being poked and prodded by cold hands on an uncomfortable exam table when you are in excruciating pain on that particular day. For some reason I felt especially drained from the appointment and have been sleeping almost constantly since Monday, so I apologize for my lack of updates and my delayed weekly link roundup (which will be posted by Sunday).

So there’s your update. Either I am online constantly when I’m feeling like this or not at all because I just cannot find the words or energy to blog whatsoever. Please bear with me here :) I know most of you (if not all) can relate.


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