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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Am Completely Bedridden Today

And I am not happy about it. I have so much jewelry to make by the end of the week and this flare is not letting me accomplish anything. So here’s an update:
  1. My blood results came back unremarkable— which is GOOD! Despite a low PT (clotting factor), my hematologist gave me the go ahead to schedule surgery (for the fifth? time? I lost count…). My blood will have to be monitored and precautions to prevent blood clots after surgery will be taken.
  2. I see my rheumatologist on the 8th and I am hoping to get clearance from her.
  3. More hair loss, constant mouth sores, a pink rash on my arms, and fevers have been spiking higher and higher.
  4. In two days I will have been off my DMARD and fish oil (helps decrease inflammation for those of you unfamiliar with it) for a month. Today I woke up wondering when my body was literally going to stop functioning in protest.
  5. I bring my first set of jewelry to the salon next week. I haven’t even put together half of the amount of pieces I need, nor have I printed or designed my business cards yet. Crazy how this is happening so fast.
  6. I am working on my site for said jewelry, finally after three years of procrastinating building a site (shame).
  7. Lots of great links coming up in the next week :) I’ve been using my time stuck in bed to find some really wonderful resources to share with you.
  8. This page is finally slowly but surely coming together and I will post final notice when it is done and updated. I'm currently working on a custom banner, tweaking layout options and issues, and advertising details.
  9. Facebook page— where I’ll be posting updates, quotes, and articles before they hit tumblr/blogspot. Like it, share it, invite your friends :)

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