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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Link Roundup 09/14/2011

  1. Advocacy For PatientsAmazing amazing resource! AFP, created by a lawyer suffering from multiple chronic conditions, offers free advice and advocacy services to those suffering from chronic illnesses, focusing on everything from health insurance to social security matters to discrimination in the work place. I am linking to AFP’s blogspot, where you will find a link to their .org site. Even if you do not need this resource now, it is a link to tuck away just in case. Such a valuable wealth of information!

  2. Psychology of Chronic Illness — Psychologist Nicoletta Skoufalos, Ph.D.,  discusses various facets of living with a chronic illness, written with the intent to serve as “thought provoking discussions.” Very interesting link for those of you interested or studying psychology or more specifically, the psychology of chronic illness/living and coping with a chronic illness.

  3. Lupus Family — Created by a devoted husband whose wife suffers from SLE. Lupus Family was designed to serve as a “safe haven” of sorts; a “community of support for lupus patients and their friends and families” while providing a “safe haven.” A link to send to a family member or friend who is struggling to be a care taker or on looker of your disease, or a great resource for those suffering to get an idea of what it is like to be in the opposite role— a role that is equally helpless. Geared towards Lupus, but adaptable to similar conditions.

  4. International Still’s Disease Foundation — The only organization I was able to come across that advocates for Still’s Disease. ISDF is a nonprofit organization that provides nearly all the information there is to be had related to Still’s Disease, from research to lab results, to support resources and the latest research. Definitely a site to keep bookmarked if you have Still’s or to send to family/friends.

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