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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Update

Just spent three hours with my spine surgeon…who I kind of bombarded without an appointment. I’m sure his office staff thinks I'm crazy. As always, he accommodated us and stayed after hours to discuss everything. I feel 20x better after letting him know how detrimental all of these mishaps have been to my health and how I have literally no life since going off of my DMARD.

I think after speaking to Nurse K (the one with SLE) yesterday and me reiterating it to him, he fully understands the whole chronic illness bit more so than he did before. Dr. J said he would do the surgery on his day off if he has to, the problem is the other surgeon, Dr. D, who has a “busy schedule” and isn’t exactly accommodating, but my surgeon insists he will push him to clear his schedule for Friday or sometime this weekend. He’s chief of staff so he has some power over Dr. D. Can I just call him Doctor Dick? Okay then.

Off the record, Dr. J isn’t a fan of Doctor Dick’s personality or bedside manner and is appalled at how he spoke to me (he also apparently told him to cut the shit out after he heard about yesterday), but because my anatomy is so complicated and we’re unsure of what is actually in there (scary right?), he wants “only the best” to perform the thoracotomy and Dr. D is as good as it gets. I trust Dr. J’s opinion and appreciated his willingness to go out of the way for me.

I’m anxious about possibly having to take another semester off of school, but I feel better about the surgery.

I’m in good hands this time around.
Ginormous thanks for the kind messages and words of encouragement :) I’ll get back to you all by tomorrow,

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