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Monday, September 19, 2011

Surgery on Monday the 19th: What You Can Expect While I'm on Surgical Hiatus

Tumblr queue will be stocked since I’ll be taking a break to have and recovery from a huge spine surgery starting Monday, the 19th. I’ll be in the hospital for a minimum of a week, so I anticipate taking a three week break, possibly longer. I haven't used blogspot's queue and hopefully it will work, but if not I'll update after I am home from the hospital. Coming up in the four weeks:
  • Multiple Weekly Link Roundups that are lengthy to make up for being so overdue— one specifically geared towards Scoliosis
  • Surgery 101: How to mentally prepare for a major surgery, how to prepare for recovery time after surgery.
  • Book review of Enemy Within by Karen Ager (a must-read)
  • Book review of How to Be Sick by Toni Bernhard (another must-read)
  • Announcing my two jewelry lines, one of which focuses on awareness jewelry
  • Part II of my College and Chronic Illness: Preparing for School series
  • Finally launching The Pre-Med Patient, which has taken a backseat to everything else lately (reilareila, know that I have you in mind :)
  • Finishing blogspot layout and custom logo designs
  • Post/discussion Painkiller 101 FAQ

And a ton of other great stuff will be queue’d up. As always, please like and share the facebook page with your friends. Spreading awareness and sharing the content of Chronic Curve with others is the goal :) It’s possible that I will be updating facebook after surgery to let friends and family know how things went— another reason to check CC Facebook.

Hope everyone is well,

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